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Getting Referrals is About Running a Marathon... Not a Sprint!

Getting Referrals is About Running a Marathon... Not a Sprint!


OK, you want more clients. And you’re already convinced that referrals are the most reliable source of qualified new prospects in your world.

I’d say most people would strongly agree with you. So let’s take a quick look at where referrals come from and see whether you’re running in the right lane to actually receive them. Referrals typically are a result of you building a trusted connection...meaning a real relationship that leads to win-win interactions between you and the people you know.

Trust is the Key

To build those types of relationships involves putting in some specific and focused effort to establish your credentials. That grows trust. You need todo this in order to become “worthy” or qualified for receiving those introductions. No trust... means no referrals!

So now think for a moment like a runner. Then ask how do you best prepare for being successful in the “referrals race?” Then to succeed, you must look at referrals as being like a marathon and not simply a 100-meter dash.

You need to train for the longer distance because relationships take time and sometimes the endurance of a marathon.

Over the long course, trust forms as an outcome of your following a specific and dedicated regimen.

That effort requires an investment of time and energy to learn about the interests and needs of the people you're hoping might refer you.


That includes:

  1. Reaching out once every 2-3 weeks to build the connection or relationship “glue” as I describe it
  2. Delivering on everything you promise and providing outstanding service in all of your interactions
  3. Staying in touch about what they’re interested in on a personal level
  4. And not making your conversations about yourself, what you’re offering nor what you’re seeking

It also means making a commitment to build “high engagement” by staying in touch with these potential referrers over time.

The regimen is really pretty easy, yet most people think and behave like they’re in a sprint. They simply come up short when the discipline of a marathoner is required.

This is the minimum training routine you’ve got to embrace. Then you’ll turn it into a habit and it all requires the discipline just like getting ready for running the longer distance.

Its worth the effort!

The rewards you’ll get will provide a wonderful flow of new referred growth opportunities coming to you. Usually these will start to kick-in after a few weeks.

My experience shows that when you follow these steps with about 20-25 people, you’ll get 8-10 new referred opportunities every month. These will keep producing for as long as you keep nurturing these relationships.

Ask yourself what that would mean to your business?

What would never having to chase after leads again mean to you? What if you knew the exact “marathon training” steps to follow to achieve continuing referral results? Now, would that make it worthwhile to start your marathon training?

It all starts with creating a circle of influence or relationships. Start there and begin building your influence and income by building relationship sand a fresh collaborative way. Soon you’ll be running and getting the results you’re seeking.

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