Competing For Workers Against The Big Guys

July 28, 2022

Nearly half of biz owners told us large companies will make their hiring process harder. So, to help you jump that hurdle, we’re hosting a webinar with an accomplished hiring expert.

Tune in to hear from Mark Emery, CEO & Co-Founder of Juvo, a local, hourly hiring app. He’ll cover:

- The latest tips to compete for workers against big retailers

- Job posting advice to make your roles stand out

- What you’re doing wrong when looking for candidates

Want to learn more? Here are a few groups to help.

Hiring Best Practices: This group is here to answer all the general hiring questions you may have, from hiring your first employee to gaining insight on hiring software

Juvo Community Group: Learn more about hiring hourly, local workers from Juvo experts, interact with others users & access an abundance of resources to help you hire!

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