I'm Not Getting Customers on Alignable, Now What? (4/26/23)

June 15, 2023

View this webinar to take a candid look at what you really need to do to bring in new clients on Alignable. And what you might be missing! We’re tapping two Superstar Members, Jason Integrity & Cherri Pedrioli, to talk you through what they do on Alignable to build relationships that eventually lead to referrals, friendships, great advice, and ultimately new clients, too. Hosted by two Alignable Veterans, Sue Brooke, and Chuck Casto, this webinar is part of a new Member Success Series.It will answer many of the questions you ponder related to building your business here, including how do I get new clients by being on Alignable? What am I doing right? And what might I be missing? And why do relationships matter?

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