Stay Out Of Trouble! Avoid Mixing Personal & Biz Finances

June 15, 2023

Did you know mixing business & personal finances could result in an inability to claim certain tax breaks?

Watch this video to learn from Hanna Pierce, a business owner and educator from Novo, a small business checking platform to learn:

- How to save on taxes by separating your finances

- Easy ways to differentiate between expenses

- Fixing your already combined accounts

Here’s a free template you can use to help separate your business vs. personal finances: 

Want to learn more? Here are few groups that can help.

Finance Experts and Advice: The focus of this group is for both financial experts and members seeking financial advice to come together to share expertise, find support, and get answers to your most pressing money matters.

Novo Community Group: In this group, you'll have access to financial advice, community discussions, growth opportunities, exclusive events & more!

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