Understanding When To Borrow

September 8, 2022

Growing your business requires investment, whether that’s fronting production costs, hiring employees, or purchasing new equipment. Sometimes, that means investing capital you don’t have on hand.

In a recent survey, 37% of small biz said they’re seeking funding. That’s why we’re bringing in a funding expert from Fundbox to help you learn about the options available & which are best for your business.

Want to learn more? Here are a few groups to help.

Small Business Lending: Ask questions, share ideas and tips, and get support for finding the best small business lending solutions

Finance Experts and Advice: The focus of this group is for both financial experts and members seeking financial advice to come together to share expertise, find support, and get answers to your most pressing money matters.

Fundbox Community Group: In this group, you’ll have access to lending resources, funding information, expert insights on Fundbox products, and more.

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