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Lead & Inspire. Become an Alignable Group Leader

Lead & Inspire. Become an Alignable Group Leader


Looking to...

lead discussions about your industry or interests?

help others avoid the mistakes you've made?

build your network in your area of expertise?

Share your passion by becoming a Group Leader. On Alignable, we have thousands of groups for any topic, demographic, and industry. As a leader, you'll be seen as an expert and have an opportunity to help small businesses grow.

So, why be a Group Leader? 

You can enjoy exclusive perks such as...

  • Increased Visibility: Unlock a Leader badge & give your business a boost
  • Host Events: Be able to host exclusive virtual or in-person events within your group
  • Free Connections: 10+ credits to meet more group members
  • Leader Dashboard: Updated moderation access, group analytics, and member insights
  • Post Polls: Be able to post polls in the groups you lead
  • Private Membership: Get invited to a private group with dedicated Alignable support & enjoy special trainings only available for Leaders
  • Build Your Network: Build credibility with members by being seen as a Leader

I'm a Group Leader, now what?

As experts in their field, leaders sprout conversations, keep the discussions relevant & safe, and contribute to cultivating a passionate community.

Every group has its own learning and networking goals, so we encourage leaders to add their own magical touch! Certain groups may be subject to additional Alignable recommendations.

Ideal Group Leaders have:

  • Prior experience with Alignable Groups
  • Interest in hosting virtual events & networking sessions on Alignable
  • Willingness to connect with group members & build meaningful relationships
  • Passion for their industry/topic & dedication to cultivating a passionate community
  • Developed Alignable profile

All leaders will be provided training and dedicated support to ensure they meet the above recommendations.

How do I apply?

Submit your interest form here! Once we review your profile, we'll approve you to start a brief training course that should take no more than an hour of your time.

Interest form -> Quick on-demand training -> Success!

We expect all Leaders to be fully onboarded within a week or two of submission.

Please note that all Group Leaders are expected to be Premium. Go Premium now.

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