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Why should I join Groups on Alignable?

Why should I join Groups on Alignable?


Groups are a great way to engage with members outside of your local community and help you find a space on Alignable where you can learn, grow, and share your insight. Below you can learn more about the benefits of joining Alignable Groups and how they have helped other members find a dependable community within the platform!

What do Alignable Groups have to offer?

Groups create a place of common ground for members to interact with one another. With numerous groups to choose from, you can join for shared interests, industry, business type, or any other theme you would be curious to participate in. Upon engaging in Groups you will find that they are:

  1. Casual and conversational - They provide a comfortable place for members to connect, ask questions, and simply listen in on discussions relevant or interesting to them.
  2. Ad-free - With a clean space free from promotions, irrelevant content, and spam you can enjoy the discussions without distraction.
  3. A source for advice - Members looking to help other small business owners join groups to offer their expertise and guidance developed from personal experience.

Click Here for an overview of groups and to learn how to get involved.

Member experiences with Alignable Groups.

Robin LeVan from Buzzbold says, "Participating in groups expands reach, helps everyone connect and learn how others are meeting challenges. It feels more private than other social media platforms."
Rhonda Giarratana from Women Entrepreneurs Network - Northshore says, "It's powerful to connect with others who share the same interests and challenges. If I have a question or a need to brainstorm these groups and the wonderful people in them offer their advice!"
Join a group to meet like minded people!Groups give me the opportunity to get to see how certain people interact first before deciding if I want to connect. They allow me to have great conversations about business and health, I have been through a lot and have much experience when it comes to mental wellness, and we can support one another.

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